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Who is Terrence Leung | What to Expect


TERRENCE Leung King Yiu 梁景堯

Theater graduate @University of Southern California

Classically trained vocal


Brief recap of 2018

2018 is the beginning of my artistic journey in Hong Kong. Throughout this year, I've starred in short films of various genres. I partook in projects for online commercials (McDonald's/100毛), college honors projects (HKAPA/HKBU), film competitions (IFVA48 hours short film competition), and a drama production (Dear Yelena Seergevna). The newest addition to my skill set is dance (Theater/Jazz) /timeline/

Hong Kong is my home all along, and I wish to to bring my mind's world to this place.

I had a simple goal for this year, which is to explore different platforms and expose myself to many professionals in the industry. While still processing all the knowledge and wisdom parted by experienced people, I learnt one important thing about myself ─ I want to perform as a lifetime career. And I am ready to take the next step and work towards my goal.


2019 ─ Upcoming

SEEKING for representation / management

Presented by Theatre Space 《單身 • 友 •情人》COMPANY by Stephen Sondheim

With greatest pleasure, I will be part of the cast of Theatre Space's Cantonese-translated production of Company by Stephen Sondheim. It is my first professional debut for my acting career. There is so much for me learn about this industry and what the audience like. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to participate in this project. Every artist involved is renowned and diligent. I am both anxious and exhilarated to share my work to everyone.


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